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Things You Should Know When Booking a Hotel in Udaipur

Things You Should Know if looking for best Hotel in Udaipur:

Planning a trip to Udaipur?

Then you must read this blog for planning a successful trip to Udaipur without getting into any mess.

Udaipur – “The City of Lakes” has always been a great attraction among tourists. Many tourists across the world visit Udaipur and admire its beauty. The city was formerly the capital of Mewar kingdom and is well known for Rajasthani tradition and royalty.

People from different places, culture, and backgrounds especially visit Udaipur for living the leisure and royal experience of this city. Udaipur has an abundance of natural beauty, mesmerizing monuments and temples, and is surrounded by Aravali range of mountains with seven different types of lakes which makes it a must-visit destination of India

But visiting Udaipur in the perfect season could be stressful for anyone as there are many tourists worldwide visiting Udaipur at the same time. Also, people from Gujrat never leave any occasion of visiting Udaipur as the distance from Udaipur to Ahmedabad (Gujrat) is just 250 Kms.

Therefore, anyone can face a problem in their accommodation while visiting Udaipur. There are many things a tourist should keep in mind before booking a hotel in Udaipur.

1)Peak/Season time:

During monsoons and wintertime, a lot of tourists plan to visit Udaipur for enjoying its natural scenic beauty. There’s a lot of rush in the city during its peak season. The city is developing and growing, so it would be hard for unplanned tourists to find their accommodation. It’s not like that, you’ll never find a place to stay but its good to have advance booking for your convenience.

2)Location of Hotel:

This is considered to be one of the major factors while booking a hotel. Suppose, you have booked a hotel, and when you reach your destination, you find that the location is so filthy and pathetic. Did you deserve that? Actually, no one deserves that, and it was your mistake for booking such a hotel without knowing anything.
Everything’s now digitalized, go online, find your ideal hotel with precise location on trustworthy websites. Always, keep in mind while booking a hotel, you must see the location before you book any hotel.

3)Always check reviews:

Don’t forget to check the review sites of the hotel you book. It is always great to have much possible information about your ideal hotel where you wish to stay in. Looking at reviews by different people may help you find out new things to do, the hotel is fluffy or not, wi-fi is good or bad, or anything else which could be helpful. A bit of research by the folks who stayed in these hotels can be much worthful and useful.

4)Always check parking availability and other services

Hotels in the congested area could have parking problems and this could be an issue for you too. Like if you are visiting Udaipur for the first time with your family in a car and you booked a hotel in any congested area. This could become a great problem for you as again and again, you have to go to the place where you have parked your vehicle. Other services like airport shuttle, cleaning and room services, etc. should be checked before booking a hotel

5)Check images of the hotel:

What most of the hotels do that they take some attractive photos of nearby places and surroundings and upload it to their gallery and very fewer photos of rooms and inside of the hotel. So, whenever you book a hotel, always keep your eyes on the images of different rooms, and check whether the images are false or not. Don’t just believe only on images of one website, you can also cross-check them on different websites to make sure the hotel you selected is your ideal hotel

6)Confirm the type of room you book:

There are many tourists facing different problems with the type of room they book. For example, suppose you want a sea-facing room in Udaipur, and you find one hotel providing sea facing rooms and booked yours. But when you reach the destination, you found that the room you have booked is not sea facing. This may happen because all the rooms in hotels could not be sea-facing. You should directly call or ask your hotel for any such queries.

7)Never hassle indirectly asking to your hotel:

You have booked a room in hotel, and you feel like you have some queries to clear out. Just feel free and directly ask your hotel to clear all your queries because you are paying for what you need. Its their duty to provide you with all the essentials and clear all your queries while you make any booking. Don’t feel shame for this, you are a customer paying for the service. If you will not ask for such queries, it is only you who may face problems ahead.

8)Great value for money:

The hotel you select should offer great value for money because there are numerous sea-facing and prestigious hotels in Udaipur. Not each and every hotel is perfect for everything but a hotel should meet all the basic necessities like cleanliness, good behavior, friendly staff, great services, etc. so a customer feels like he/she has paid for a value.

9)Final Thoughts:

So, these were some important factors one should keep in mind while booking a hotel in Udaipur. This is an important aspect because proper accommodation makes your trip easier and more convenient. If you lack proper accommodation not just in Udaipur but anywhere, your trip could become a race of hurdles.

Another thing, if you are travelling with your family and children then you always need a proper accommodation service because you just can’t compromise if you are planning a trip with your loved ones.