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9 Places to Celebrate Diwali Vacation in India

Whether you are travelling solo, with friends, or looking for a family trip to celebrate the festival of lights, we have nine magnificent ideas from India to help you know how and where to enjoy your Diwali vacations best.


“Diwali” – the most prestigious and the biggest festival in India is what tourists from around the globe seek to enjoy and live. It is the auspicious occasion of five days commemorates the victory of Goddesses over evil.


Places to celebrate Diwali vacations in India


In India, Diwali is considered to be the festival of togetherness and prosperity. So, if you are looking for a place in India to celebrate this year, check out some fabulous destinations where the Diwali celebration would become memorable for you.


Ayodhya – Origin of the Festival


Ayodya - origin of festival

Here’s a Catch (True Fact) – Ayodhya is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh where Lord Ram and Sita (his wife), returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. Moreover, their return was completed after Ram defeated Ravan, who abducted Sita Mata in his Lanka against her will.In 2018, locals of Ayodhya made a world record of lightning 300,000 muddy (earthen) lamps (in Hindi – Diya) surrounding the banks of the Saryu river. It earned the title of festival place in Guinness Book of World Records. For making your Diwali celebration more traditional and cultural – head to the Ayodhya city.


Varanasi – The Ganga Aarti


You might have seen some images or videos on the news or at any other media of Ganga aarti in Varanasi. It’s so religious, cultural, holistic to be the participant of Ganga aarti on the banks of river Ganga.Moreover, the best part seems to be when lots of earthen lamps (diyas) are floating onto the river, and the dark sky is full of constant fireworks. It makes the scene so energetic and memorable that you might never want to leave the place forever. Just hold onto one place and enjoy the beauty and peace of heaven drawn upon the earth.


Varanasi – The Ganga Aarti


Jaisalmer – The Golden Night


Jaisalmer – The Golden Night

Jaisalmer, popularly known as “The Golden City” is one of the best destinations in India to enjoy Diwali vacations. Its golden dunes beneath under the dark sky full of stars and fireworks will give you a surprising joy of this festival.What you have to do is rent a tent, sit down between the desert with the group, wait for the stars to prepare constellation, and enjoy the brief night of Diwali with lots of colorful lightings around you.


Amritsar – The Sacred Celebration

The famous city in Punjab holding “The Golden Temple” is also one of those destinations where the Diwali celebration is as immense as other places. During Diwali, The Golden Temple is decorated in a way that you cannot stop yourself from staring at it again and again.Back to the devotees, they play a massive role in grandly celebrating the festival. You will see oil lamps on the edges of the temple as well as in the lake too. For sure, you will be mesmerizing that moment being a present part of the city celebration.

Amritsar – The Sacred Celebration


Udaipur – The Royal Celebration


Udaipur – The Royal Celebration

Udaipur has consistently been a charming place for all reasons. Whether you go in Monsoons, in winters, or any auspicious occasion, you will find this city giving you immense pleasure and joy.Udaipur as a specific destination is a great place to sit nearside of a lake or at any hotel in Udaipur, having the great sightseeing and enjoying the lakeshore moment just right your upfront with sparkling lights and candles adding to fireworks in the bright sky of the city.

Goa – The Tranquil Shores


In India, many people during Diwali vacations plan to visit Goa. And why not, it’s the only place for tourists to enjoy the festival on the tranquil shores of Goa. Besides, everybody has a reason to visit Goa, and you know what I’m speaking off.But still celebrating on Cruise inside the ocean with your loved ones would be much more mesmerizing than any other thing. So, we consider Goa, a great destination to celebrate the festival of lights with friends and family.

Goa – The Tranquil Shores


Kolkata – The Kali Pujan


Kolkata – The Kali Pujan

Kolkata is exceptionally known for people having a firm belief in Goddesses. While others all around India worship Goddess Lakshmi, people in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal do Kali Puja.Shopping areas in Kolkata are astonishingly decorated and displayed with Kali Pujan for tourists to get attracted. The Puja is held with high enthusiasm and happiness, which makes this place a must-visit in Diwali vacations.

Delhi – The Mega Shopping Market


For shopping lovers who love enjoying shopping and food all around the markets of Delhi, is another better option for spending your vacation. Don’t take it lightly, as in India, Diwali is the biggest season for shopping and purchasing new things.Mega trade fairs and big shopping markets take place all around the city of Delhi. Moreover, there’s also a Diwali Carnival festival held in Delhi every year. However, if you are insensitive to air pollution, then Delhi is not for you.

Delhi – The Mega Shopping Market

Pushkar – Old Traditional Celebration


Pushkar – Old Traditional Celebration

Pushkar is very popular among foreigners and hippies all around the world. You will be surprised to see old structures and monuments of this small enchanting town just 11 km away from the city of Ajmer.The very best part of visiting this destination is you will find old school people celebrating the festival in unique and traditional ways. Pushkar blends a perfect fusion of traditional charm, heavenly accent, and market gigs.