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Top Hotels in Udaipur to add to your Bucket List

Udaipur is heaven; the doors of which open the view to stunning landscape, marvelous natural beauty and fascinating architecture that exude brilliance. Everyone walking to Udaipur, the Venice of the East is in awe admiring the natural beauty that is scattered in pristine lakes, lush green hills and landscape that have made this city as one of the most romantic cities of the world. This royal city is spectacular, carrying hundreds of years of history that is reflected in a number of heritage Udaipur hotels, havelis and luxurious properties scattered all over the place.
Founded in 1558 AD by Maharana Udai Singh II of the Sisodia clan of Rajput, the city was the capital of the kingdom of Mewar in the former Rajputana Agency. Until 1818, it remained the capital city after which it became a princely state. The Mewar province became a part of Rajasthan when the British left India post independence in 1947. Surrounded by Aravali Ranges, Udaipur is well connected with nearby cities and states. Because of its sheer beauty and abundance of natural, historical and cultural importance, the city gained various titles including ‘the most romantic spot on the continent of India’ by British administrator Col James Tod.
For the travelers who are looking for only the best of the world, this is your stop to find the best hotels in Udaipur that will give you a hint of luxury and royalty. Check the list below and book your stay for the upcoming holidays in one of the best places to stay in Udaipur.
  1. The Oberoi Udai Vilas: Holding the top position in the list of Asia’s Best Hotels in the world, The Oberoi Udai Vilas is a class apart. Situated on the banks of Lake Pichola, the resort is spread cross 30 acres showcasing luxurious gardens, explicit domes and corridors, superior accommodation and signature cuisine that are beyond comprehension. Regarded as one of the best places to stay in Udaipur, the Oberoi Udai Vilas is quite exquisite when offering hospitality that balances luxury, comfort and tradition. Every guest is treated with spectacular rooms that overlook the beauty of the lake and hills, daily dose of yoga and personally curated spa services, lavish food, modern amenities that may add this hotel in the list of top wonders of the world.
Hotels in Udaipur are known to present to the foreign tourists a mark of excellence when it comes to accommodation whilst delivering tradition and culture on the plate. There are a number of ways that a guest can have a splendid staycation at one of the best places to stay in Udaipur. Bespoke facilities are available for the guests looking for dinner, small or big event and even a corporate gathering.
  1. Taj Lake Palace: The famous place where James Bond film ‘Octopussy’ was shot is The Taj Lake Palace. A few hotels in Udaipur have a history attached to them and this is no exception. The young prince Maharana Jagat Singh II of Udaipur built a pleasure palace on Lake Pichola, calling it Jag Niwas in 1746. This is the renowned palace that today is Taj Lake Palace. Open only for resident guests, the hotel provides unparalleled beauty of the Aravali Range, Jag Mandir, Machla Magra and the City Palace surrounding the palace. A range of fine cuisines are served to the guests including the authentic Rajasthani dishes.
Carrying forward the legacy of Rajasthani traditions and culture, Taj Lake Palace is the place for grand soirees and formal levees which were hosted here by the royal family of Udaipur. The palace in the middle of the lake is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in Udaipur. Taj Lake Palace also serves as the most romantic location for destination wedding, fairytale getaway and magical honeymoon. For the perfect and memorable experience stay in one of the best hotels in Udaipur, opt for Taj Lake Palace where you will feel nothing less like royalty.
  1. Lalit Laxmi Vilas: The Lalit Laxmi Vilas is one of the most scintillating hotels in Udaipur, the beauty of which is beyond words. Built by Maharana Fateh Singh in 1911, the Lalit Laxmi Vilas is located atop a hill with the majestic view of the Aravali Range, Lake Fateh Sagar and Rani Road. This beautiful palace is the epitome of culture, Rajasthani tradition, architecture and exerts royal elegance to each and every guest walking in the glorious palace.
Recipient of multiple awards, both national and international, The Lalit Laxmi Vilas is a grand hotel that has spacious rooms, captivating views of the Udaipur valley, lush green spaces, multiple dining options, awe-inspiring architecture and heart warming hospitality. Considered on the on the best places to stay in Udaipur, the Lalit Laxmi Vilas is a heritage property and the guests arrived here have spoken only excellent words about their stay here. Infused with modern facilities, the hotel is a blend of everything that a guest requires worth the value of money put.
  1. Fateh Prakash Palace: The palace where royalty meets elegance is the Fateh Prakash Palace, situated on the eastern shore of Lake Pichola. This palace falls under the category of those hotels in Udaipur that have historical importance. This palace was constructed during the reign of one of the greatest rulers of the Mewar Kingdom, Maharana Fateh Singh who ruled Mewar between 1884 to 1930. This palace served as the exclusive venue for royal guests and functions and is today, available for guests from across the globe who travel to Udaipur, the city of lakes. One of the main features of the palace is the Durbar Hall Sabhagaar as Lord Minto, the Viceroy of India laid the foundation stone in 1909.
Adorned with historical portraits and miniature paintings on the walls, artefacts, armoury, period furniture, rare paintings and objects of the bygone era, every corner of the Fateh Prakash Palace showcases grandeur and any guest would feel like walking down the historical lane. With multiple venues scattered all over, the palace gives the guests to explore Udaipur’s beauty in outdoor settings overlooking the bright hues of the sunset, or have a cozy dining experience amidst velvety, luxurious setting inside the halls.
  1. The Leela Palace: Another feather in the cap of Udaipur’s beauty is the Leela Palace, situated on the shores of the Lake Pichola. This hotel is a mark of excellence as it showcases the breath-taking beauty of the Aravali Range, Lake Pichola and the City Palace whilst offering beautiful sight of the royal heritage of Mewar Kingdom. Relatively a newer property, the Leela Palace was opened for guests in 2009 and since then has continued to leave the guests speechless with majestic beauty, warm hospitality and traditional elements offered to all the guests arriving to one of the best hotels in Udaipur. The Palace is reached by a boat that traverses through Lake Pichola and the guests can explore the natural beauty while doing so.
Upon reaching the property, the guests are welcomed in a traditional manner and are acquainted with history and tradition in the form of hospitality and architecture around it. With a lake facing pool, an array of restaurants, personalized spas, spacious gardens, and superlative lounges, the Leela Palace is one of the selected few Udaipur hotels that provide a fairytale experience to all.
  1. The Trident Hotel:On the banks of the Lake Pichola is The Trident Hotel spread across 43 acres making it one of the best places to stay in Udaipur. Enjoy gentle breeze of Udaipur air, overlooking the grandeur of the lakeside that shows Aravali Range, picturesque view and architecture of the city with your friends, family or partner. Among the Udaipur hotels, the Trident Hotel serves authentic cuisines, a lavish breakfast and fine dining that is incomparable to other hotels in Udaipur. One of the most astonishing things about this hotel is that the hotel premises have a private sanctuary amidst the luxurious living right outside the guests’ rooms. The hotel rooms are ornately designed keeping in mind the traditions and architecture of Rajasthan blended with the perfect hues and artefacts to complement everything.
The Trident Hotel is also known for the signature Trident Kids’ Club; a paradise for children filled with games and an interactive activity zone. With a number of spacious rooms, luxurious suites, halls and sprawling lawns, The Trident Hotel is quite a profitable place for small gathering, wedding venue, corporate events or other parties.
  1. Chunda Palace: The most traditional palace showcasing the rich heritage of Rajasthan is the Chunda Palace making it one of the most beautiful places to stay in Udaipur. The heritage property belongs to one of the noble families of the Mewar region and provides exquisite and grandeur vibe. The palace is embellished with traditional paintings, miniature artefacts, bone inlay art work and colorful mirrors work embedded on ceilings and pillars. The palace is beautified keeping in mind the grand architecture and royalty of Rajasthan.
The palace took around 16 years to be built and undoubtedly is one of those magical Udaipur hotels that will take the guests back to the age of the kings and the queens. The palace has a rooftop restaurant blended around a swimming pool and gives a stunning view of the City Palace, Lake Pichola and the natural beauty of the Aravali Range. The guests can stay at the palace and take advantage of the facilities provided to them including cycle tours, sightseeing, vintage car drive and other in-house hospitality. The palace is the epitome of Rajasthan design and architecture serving authentic cuisine of the state to all the guests.
  1. The Amet Haveli: One of the most refined, significantly famous and heritage Udaipur hotels, The Amet Haveli is a class apart. Located on the corner of Lake Pichola, the haveli boasts of grandeur and luxurious rooms, all opening to the beauty of the lake and the natural beauty of the lake, excellent services and warm hospitality. The haveli was constructed under the reign of Maharana Jagat Singh II between 1734-1752 under the watchful eyes of the Jagirdar of Sardargarh. After passing down many hands, the haveli was presented as a gift to the royal family of Rawat Govind Singh who is the owner of the beautiful haveli today.
The Ambrai restaurant is located under the shade of the years old trees, adjacent to Lake Pichola and serves authentic Rajasthani cuisine besides cuisines from across the globe. The evenings are the best time to visit and have dinner with your significant other, friends or family where the lamps hang from the branches and tables have candles lit on them with the sound of the breeze and water falling in the ears.
  1. Udai Kothi: The name of this hotel resonates with everyone for years who have been to this Udaipur hotel. Earning the title of the ‘best wedding venue,’ ‘best boutique hotel of India,’ ‘best affordable romantic hotel’ and ’21 world’s sexiest rooftop pools’ by various international magazines, this is one of those rare gems that are affordable and one of the best places to stay in Udaipur. The lavish rooms of Udai Kothi offers international amenities and vibe of the old-worldliness reflected in traditional décor used exclusively to give the Rajasthan charm. The suites have private plunge pools and Jacuzzi and the haveli has a rooftop pool that is world famous.
Udai Kothi offers spectacular service of boat ride to the guests in the Lake Pichola. The ride covers the entire lake and shows the beauty of the Aravali range, the City Palace and the shore. Udai Kothi also has another property called Udai Bagh which is a 10 minutes drive away from Udai Kothi and is situated amidst Aravali Hills in the lap of nature. Guests can enjoy the serenity of the place from their tents while overlooking the river flowing outside.
  1. Hotel Meenakshi, Udaipur : For a regal stay, Hotel Meenakshi is one of the best places to stay in Udaipur. This hotel is located in the heart of the city with close proximity to all major tourist attractions, airport, city station and bus stand. Offering a luxurious and grand stay to all the guests coming from all across the world, Hotel Meenakshi is one of those Udaipur Hotels that is providing international facilities at an affordable price. For an unmatched experience of hotel stay, Hotel Meenakshi covers all the areas of comfort and provides the same to the guests. The hotel is preferred as a venue for comfortable stay, corporate meetings, social gatherings, parties and other events for the hotel has adequate rooms, warm hospitality, customized tariff, and round the clock room service.
Along with a mini bar, free breakfast and an in-house restaurant, Hotel Meenakshi serves multi-cuisine along with traditional Rajasthan cuisines that is served in-house in an amiable environment suitable for friends, family, partner and even colleagues.
  1. Ananta Resort& Spa: Nestled in the lap of the Aravali Range, Ananta Resort & Spa is one of the most spectacular places to stay in Udaipur. This high rated luxurious resort offers the best of services with contemporary villas, vast expanse of greenery, picturesque beauty and unparalleled hospitality. Best recommended for weddings, social gathering, corporate events, family get together, honeymoon, and group travel, this resort is the one stop solution for all travel needs. With world class facilities, Ananta Resort & Spa is one of the best hotels in Udaipur.
The resort is also famous for its spa services that are internationally revered. The professionals and therapists provide a wide range of therapies, spa treatments, yoga and meditation that are customized as per the wishes of the guests. Alongside, the resort also holds up special membership privileges to the guests that offer stunning discounts, services and offers once the membership is bought by anyone.
  1. Jagat Niwas: Situated on the lakeside of the Lake Pichola, Jagat Niwas is a heritage property with no other competition. It is a class apart hotel that was built years ago and is now renovated into a hotel that serves all the guests with stupendous hospitality, luxurious facilities and delicious food. This 17th century haveli is highly acclaimed for its location and the view that it provides. Each room of the hotel is restored back to the old charm and tells the story of the bygone era. Jagat Niwas is one of those best places to stay in Udaipur that is submerged in heritage and has continued to do so for years.
One of the best experiences that Jagat Niwas provides is the private dinner on a boat in the middle of Lake Pichola. The carved dome boat is decorated with flowers and candles, wherein the guests can enjoy not only the delicacies from an international menu or bespoke Rajasthani dishes, but also enjoy live traditional music on the boat. Revered with multiple awards, both national and international, Jagat Niwas is one heritage Udaipur hotels that no ne should miss when in Udaipur.
  1. Labh Garh Palace Resort& Spa: Labh Garh Palace Resort & Spa is a luxury resort which is situated on the outskirts of Udaipur and is one of the best places to stay in Udaipur. It is an ideal place away from the hustle-bustle of the city life and provides serenity amidst nature. The hotel offers a number of amenities to the guests including luxury accommodation, largest entertainment centre, multi-cuisine restaurant and perfect pool to name a few. For a fun filled getaway with friends, family, partner or work colleagues, Labh Garh Resort has swimming pool, fitness center, in-house restaurant Solitaire, squash court, badminton court discotheque, kids room and indoor game zone for all.
The guests can relax themselves at the beautiful spa at the hotel that offers treatments, massages, therapies and more for rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. The hotel also has a large venue for weddings, social gatherings, corporate event, concert and show that can accommodate thousands of people.
  1. Jag Mandir Island Palace: Situated in the middle of the Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir Island Palace is a fabulous property and leading the top Udaipur hotels that is a perfect venue straight out from a fairytale. It is a historic 17th century palace that is redeveloped to a property that offers an in-house café, bar, spa, stylish-dining restaurant with luxurious, lake facing rooms. Celebrities, politicians, corporate travelers, leisure lookers have all been to the Jag Mandir Island Palace that are offered regal experience. It is said that Mughal prince Khurram sought refuge at the Gol Mahal here in 1623 which inspired him, a Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to build the Taj Mahal in Agra.
The island palace also houses a museum storing the pages of history of how this palace was built. The guests at the Udaipur hotel are offered classic cocktails, lavish food, warm ambiance, cordial hospitality and special pampering for a memorable stay.
All the guests who are looking forward to pay a visit to Udaipur are bound to stay in one of the best Udaipur hotels that provide value for money, a memorable experience and something to take away as souvenirs in the form of photographs and moments to cherish. Friends, family, partner or traveling solo, Udaipur has something for everyone and these aforementioned hotels are meant to provide you the best of time. Along with that, the travelers can explore the streets of the old city, crowded bazars, street food, puppet show, traditional arts and crafts, artefacts, paintings and a plethora of traditional and culturally infused items that are found exclusively in the city of lakes.
The guests who are booking for Udaipur hotels can check a number of options that are suitable for all price range and offers world class services. The best time to visit Udaipur is between September to March but the monsoons are special as well for the rains bring back the beauty of nature wherein the lakes are filled to the brim and the travelers can enjoy serenity in the city.

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